Protect Yourself and Your Car

Protect Yourself and Your Car

Professional Automotive Window Tinting Solutions

Professional automotive window tint from Mark Cole's Auto Glass & Pro Window Tint can help protect your vehicle, its contents and passengers. A common misconception is that window tint makes driving at night difficult. The truth is there are a variety of tints available that help you drive at night by reducing dangerous glare from bright streetlights and headlamps.

1. Overheating
With proper window tinting from Mark Cole's Auto Glass & Pro Window Tint, your car's interior could be up to 60% cooler during hot summer days.

2. Safety
Sun, snow and auto headlamps can cause a dangerous glare, which window tinting drastically reduces

3. Protection
Tinted windows hold glass together when shattered and protect the interior passengers from dangerous flying glass.

4. Privacy
Tinted windows protect both privacy and your vehicle's contents from burglars.

5. Longevity
UV rays can damage your vehicle's interior and cause upholstery to crack and fade. Tinted windows protect your investment.