At Mark Cole's Auto Glass & Pro Window Tint, we specialize in glass replacement and window film installation for your vehicle, commercial or residential needs. If you are in the tri-state area and need glass replacement or window tinting, we are here to help! If you want to minimize the sun damage to furniture in your home and to your vehicle, we have the skills and expertise necessary to answer any questions and solve any problem.

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Llumar Benefits

Enhance your Cars Style and Appearance.
The window tinting gives a sense of privacy and keeps everything in your car safe
Blocks dangerous UV Rays Helps with interior
fading and protects passengers in your car
Reduces Heat and Glare, Llumar is known for heat control to make for a cooler and safer ride
Blocks out 99% of the fading process

Vista Benefits

Helps Protect Home Furnishings
Drops Tempurature 25-30 degrees
Helps with fading in your home
Protects 99% of the process!
Fading in your home: 25% heat, 40% ultraviolet coming through the windows and 25% comes from glare

Our Services

Automotive Glass and Windshield Replacement
Automotive Window Regulator Repair
Sunroof Repair
Truck Sliding Back Glass Repair
Automotive Window Film Tinting
Residential Window Film Tinting
Commercial Window Film Tinting
Automotive Protective Film Coating
Motorcycle Protective Film Coating